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Great Falls Specialty Center

Great Falls Specialty Location Map
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The Great Falls Specialty Center, offers a popular array of medical services to patients in one convenient location. With almost thirty departments incorporated in a healing atmosphere, the facility is a perfect complement to the Great Falls Clinic Campus.

The facility, located in Great Falls, Mont., offers allergy, asthma, cardiology, mammography, electrocardiography, family medicine, infectious diseases, infusion, orthopedics, oncology, optometry, opthalmology, otolaryngology, pain management, physical therapy, podiatry, pulmonology, radiology, rheumatology, sleep medicine and urology.

“[Competition] raises the bar for all of us, and that isn’t something we lose sight of...”
Vicki Newmiller
CEO of Great Falls Clinic
Great Falls Specialty Alternate Location Map
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Capital Growth Medvest worked with Great Falls Clinic to perform a sale-and-leaseback that helped the medical facility expand its campus and deliver a higher level of care to its patients.

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Great Falls, MT
Great Falls Clinic
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Medical Office Building
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